Optimal nutrition for more performance in sports

NUTRITION workshop with 100% practical relevance for your sport!

"The Optimizer" Richard Staudner, known as an international success coach of many high performers and competitive athletes, presents the most successful nutrition strategies for your athletic performance in a meaty day of workshops.


  1. Whether you are a trainer or an athlete, you are in good hands here!
  2. We work in a scientifically sound and maximally practical manner
  3. We work on a concrete sports example for each topic focus
  4. All participants work out their own sport in this workshop and create an effective nutrition strategy.
  5. Q&A Session: Sufficient time for your questions and individual problems

In this one-day workshop, neuroimmunologist and sports science consultant Richard presents a concentrated load of practical and scientific information around the topic of nutrition and dietary supplements. Modern nutrition strategies are natural doping to make you a high performer and bring you closer to your goals.

No matter whether you are active in hobby or competitive sportsNutrition is an enormously important factor. Understanding our body, its function, its needs and also what harms it, is simply essential. Every person and every sport is different and must be considered individually. Of course, we will respond to this!

Workshop Topics:


To understand what I or my athletes need, I need to understand my sport!

  • How do I analyze my own sport?
  • How do I create long-term plans for training and competitions?


Understand the concept of energy provision and supply!

  • How do our cellular power plants, the mitochondria, work?
  • Which substances do my cells need to produce energy?
  • What do I need to produce energy?
  • What are mitochondria killers?
  • How can I "grow" more mitochondria?


Build your optimal diet step by step!

  • What is the importance of your water balance?
  • How many calories do you need for your goals or your sport?
  • What is the optimal distribution of macronutrients for your sport?
  • What is the importance of micronutrients and food quality?
  • Learn about the effect of mealtiming or the appropriate meal frequency
  • What supplements do you need for your athletic load?


No matter if amateur or competitive athlete:in, data always helps to optimize!

  • What data on nutrition can I collect?
  • Is the energy production of my body measurable?
  • Which values from my digestive system have an influence on my performance?
  • How do I measure cell contamination by heavy metal, for example?
  • Can I determine my body's micronutrient needs in the lab?

The workshop is for all performers and athletes who want to get more out of their training and physical performance. A needs-oriented and functional diet is the basis for increasing individual performance and long-term success in competition.

You can get much more out of you! And that on a healthy path!

You can find out more about Richard Staudner at or also in the two video (workshop examples) on this page and of course on Instagram (richard_staudner).

On the website you will also find a lot of useful information about performance and health in Richard Staudner's blog and podcast.

The workshop has a limited number of participants, get your ticket today!

Prices and booking:

  • Early Bird EUR 179,00 (maximum 15 pieces)
  • Normal ticket EUR 199,00


  • Sat. 18 February 2023, 10:00 - 18:00 CET

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