I am convinced that with everything I do I help people to feel better and that I help them to to achieve the highest level of performance. I believe in a completely new and holistic way of thinking to optimize your performance, improve your health and increase your satisfaction. 

With that kind of thinking, I can create a care concept for you which will make your journey to your very personal goals successful.

Prices and booking:

1:1 Optimization meeting - 150,-
(min. 60min) 

Optimization meetings can be held in person in Vienna.
Of course also via a phone call or via Skype, Whats App, Facebook or other online platforms.

Performance Optimization:

As high performers we have to give our best in every situation in life! In order to be able to do so in the long term, we have to balance our energy and health. 

But the important thing isWe must understand how this works! How can we perform at a high level in the long run and still stay healthy and satisfied? My performance concept consists of working with you to shape the areas of nutrition, exercise, recreation and awareness in such a way that this becomes possible. 

A transfer of knowledge, which enables you to reach your goal in the long run! 

To be in balance physically, mentally and emotionally and not only to get through hard times, but to reach your personal highest level of creation. 


It is factually irrelevant in which area you perform. Whether as a young student or as an overseas pilot, as a top manager of a corporation or as a star artist in a circus.

Today and our own ambitions demand a maximum of dedication from us in order to be able to compete and succeed on the "parquet of the best". To be permanently motivated, focused, healthy and physically fit should not just be wishes. 

Let us explore your potential in a personal meeting and take the first steps to bring you to your personal top performance level.

Brain Performance:

Our everyday life often demands the highest level of concentration, focus and motivation from us for many hours. 

In everyday business life, one meeting chases the next, pilots who have to be attentive for more than 10 hours, doctors who spend hours at the operating table or a conductor who often has to work precisely and focused for more than three hours. 

Common attempts to get a high with caffeine, energy drinks and heavy meals are almost always followed by an intense down, for which we have to expend even more energy in order to continue working qualitatively. 

There's a way out! Through many different approaches such as nutrition, dietary supplements, sleep optimization and the right everyday behavior, you can optimize your body and brain so that they remain efficient for many hours.

Brain performance, i.e. the ability to concentrate, focus and motivation, can be increased and maintained in the long term with simple changes in your everyday life. According to the principle "use it or lose it", we train your brain to be permanently fit. For your maximum performance level. 

With my Brain Performance Concept, we train your brain like a muscle, for more endurance and performance. We give you a clear advantage in everyday life and increase your satisfaction. The more performance in everyday life, directly increases your well-being and thus contributes to your general health. 

Sign up today for a check-up and let us check where your potential is!

Online Talk:

Berlin, Tokyo, New York? You travel a lot or live in another country

Nowadays, these distances are no longer a problem, because common communication platforms such as Skype, Whatsapp or Zoom guarantee us to always be in contact when you need me. Anytime and everywhere, I am where you are.

Many clients worldwide have already placed their trust in me and achieved their goals together with me. 

Send me an email today and give me the starting signal for a life on a higher performance level, more satisfaction and health.

Lectures and Workshops:

I have already held more than 100 lectures and workshops for companies and sports organisations worldwide. The choice of topics covers the entire spectrum of our health and fitness. 

Here is just a small selection of topics for which I have already been booked:

  • Brain Performance in Management
  • Strength and fitness in physiotherapy
  • Fasting as a fountain of youth
  • Squat Clinic 
  • CrossFit for soldiers and task forces
  • Functional fitness in skiing 
  • Mobility as a basis
  • and much more besides 

Cooperation in sport:

Large sports organisations have placed their trust in me to work together to bring their athletes up to a modern training approach. 

Austrian Ski Association
Together with the fitness trainers of the ÖSV, I was allowed to teach and pass on functional fitness approaches to international professionals like Marcel Hirscher. 

Federal Sports Academy
At the Austrian Federal Sports Academy I was also able to pass on my knowledge in the field of strength and mobility to a new generation of coaches. 

EGSA - European Kettlebell Sports Association
The European Kettlebell Sports Federation has been one of my partners for almost 10 years. In countless joint workshops we were able to teach hundreds of athletes a lot about fitness and performance improvement. 

bodyweight days
I am a passionate speaker on the subject of bodyweight training! For example on the stage of the successful Bodyweight-Days in Vienna.

Furthermore, I was allowed to train all fitness trainers as Olympic weightlifting coaches with my team. This is only a small selection of my work of the last decade. 

You will receive a lecture or an active workshop from me on request, which fits exactly to your ideas. Tailor-made for your audience. 

The topics are freely selectable by you from these areas:

  • Nutrition & Health: anti-aging, fasting, health years are increasing,... 
  • Movement & Fitness: Athletic training, functional training, mobility, ...
  • Recreation: sleep, regeneration in professional sports, ...
  • Consciousness: meditation, breathing techniques, concentration.

We would be happy to plan your individual workshop during a meeting!

These companies, organisations and fitness studios have already put their trust in me: 

    • Austrian Ski Association
    • Austrian Weightlifting Association
    • Federal Sports Academy Austria 
    • Austrian Central Bank
    • Raiffeisen Bank International
    • booking.com
    • Bodyweight Days 
    • Evosan Centre
    • Physio Vienna
    • Physio Pallesits
    • Palle Academy 
    • body consultant 
    • Malu Sports Club 
    • CrossFit Lakefront
    • Trills CrossFit
    • CrossFit Area 23
    • CrossFit Hartberg 
    • Monkey Fitness
    • CrossZone
    • CrossFit Crom
    • CrossFit Vienna 
    • Kettlebell Center Ljubljana 
    • Fitness Palace Eisenstadt 
    • Various American football teams
    • European Kettlebell Association
    • Gym 23
    • Happy Fight Enns 
    • MMA Vienna
    • Boxing Union Favourites
    • Fox Gym
    • Austrian MMA Academy 
    • Kings Muay Thai
    • Happy Fight Enns
    • Iron Fist Gym Vienna
    • Cage Wolves
    • Atos Vienna
    • Alpha Jiu Jitsu

Athletic Training:

We are all performers and some want to be high performers and give more. These include competitive athletes and athletes. 

Athletes need specific support, which is tailored to their goal, their physical level and their personality.

There are many different aspects that a professional must take into account. A modern Strength & Conditioning program remains indispensable and is one of the basic pillars of a performance concept for athletes. 

But now we know that nutrition, regeneration and mental aspects are equally important. In fact, they can even be decisive. 

In the more than 10 years of my career as a performance coach I have coached more than 50 athletes of all sports for a long time and advised several 100 for a short time. This has resulted in a large number of national, European and world champions and other successful athletes. 

Practical experience of countless camps and competition preparations have combined my team and I with the latest scientific knowledge to create a unique holistic care concept for professional athletes.  

Let us discuss your goals and potential in a personal meeting and make a plan for your success. 

My performance training for athletes includes:

    • Testing / Retesting 
    • S&C Planning 
    • Nutrition / Weight management 
    • Supplementation 
    • Organisational and management consulting 
    • Camp planning 
    • Competition preparation 
    • Competition support

Coach the Coach:

Every coach and trainer comes to a point in his career where he feels the need to broaden his horizon and learn something new. Lifelong learning is particularly valuable in the area of health and performance. 

We should keep pace with medical developments and ongoing innovations in the fitness sector and integrate new scientific findings into our own proven concept.

A simple nutrition plan and a strength program is no longer enough. Although the basis is the same and nutrition, exercise and recreation are still the strongest levers for improving our well-being, the most important thing is to make sure that we are well. 

However, new things are constantly being discovered around us and we are being given previously unknown opportunities to optimize our performance. 

The needs of the people have also become more and more important. Stress at work and in private life has increased and in the industrialised countries we are seeing a decline in the number of years of health despite an improved quality of life and longer life span. 

As trainers, coaches and consultants we have the task of providing our clients with holistic support. 

Without focusing too much on one area such as nutrition or fitness training. The balance must be right. Eating also needs a break and exercise requires relaxation! 

Ideas like intermittent fasting and meditation or light periodization and other biohacking tricks are only a few modern impulses. There are many more topics in which we can get further education. 

I want to be always up to date for my clients and offer professional and goal-oriented holistic support. To look at the human being as a whole.  

You feel the same way? Are you dedicated to improving the health and well-being of your clients and are you looking for new ideas, techniques or information? 

Then I recommend you to contact me today and together To raise your potentialLet us find out which areas you can develop to take you and your clients to a new level of performance. 

The following areas might interest you...


  • Fasting and autophagy 
  • appropriate diet 
  • Food supplement
  • Analyses and testing 


  • Movement in everyday life
  • Functional Fitness & Crossfit 
  • Athletic Training 
  • Movement & Mobility
  • Strength Training & Weightlifting
  • Training planning in general 
  • Testing 
  • Equipment Training 

Rest and awareness: 

  • Sleep & sleep quality measurement 
  • Meditation & relaxation 
  • breathing techniques 
  • heat & cold
  • Massages & Therapies
  • Forest bathing and the effects of nature

Special topics:

    • Brain Performance
    • Biohacking
    • Light Periodization 
    • Travel planning 
    • Training Camp Planning 
    • Competition organization 
    • Potential analyses
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