Richard Staudner

After 13 years in management in Austrian corporations, a new journey began for me in 2008. I was one of the men who brought CrossFit and functional fitness training to Austria. In doing so, I significantly changed the fitness scene in this country.

Über Mich Bild von Richard Staudner

After building five gyms, a group practice and many other projects, it was time for me to take a new path in 2018 and dedicate myself to a new passion. 

My goal was to create a completely holistic performance concept, which considers and supports the human being in its entirety.

I understood that mind and body are to be seen as a unit and we should consider the environment, the lifestyle and all influences of life. Furthermore, I do not see individual body functions or even individual organs, but try to understand cause-and-effect and to recognize connections. 

Both high performers such as managers, doctors, pilots, etc or even competitive athletes should benefit from this view. Focus on the potential and the goal. 

More than 100 lectures, about 7,500 coaching hours with health enthusiasts and coaching more than 50 domestic and international athletes in 10 years allowed me to gain a lot of practical experience. 

The content of my work and publications is based 50:50 on successful practical experience and scientific studies. 

Studying clinical psycho-neuro-immunology under Dr. Leo Pruimboom and Dr. Markus Stark, gave me the opportunity to combine my practical experience with a scientific, evidence-based and holistic approach. 

Customers such as the Austrian Ski Association, the Federal Sports Academy Vienna or the Austrian National Bank have placed their trust in me and I have met their expectations. 

Many international managers and athletes like Marcel Hirscher, Aleksandar Rakic or Fadi Merza could benefit from my system in the last years.

Over 10 years of practical experience

Over 7500 coaching hours

Over 50 athletes in care


  • Study of clinical psycho-neuro immunology (cPNI)
    Under Dr. Leo Priumboom - 2017-2019 (iA)
  • PNI Psycho-Neuro Immunology
    Practitioner Degree - Evosan Center Austria under Dr. Markus Stark 2016-2017
  • State-certified trainer of the Federal Sports Academy Austria 2014-2016 (iA) 


  • Instructor for Olympic Weightlifting
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Powerlifting / Westside Barbell Principle
  • EGSA Kettlebell Sports Trainer Level 2 (under Gregor Sobocan)  
  • IKFF Kettlebell Trainer Level 2 (under Steve Cotter)
  • RKC Kettlebell Trainer Level 1 (under Pavel Tsatsouline)
  • Functional Movement Screen (under Gray Cook)


  • CrossFit Triller - Founder & Owner until 2017
  • SuperRaw - Functional Food - Founder & Owner until 2016
  • CrossFit Crom - Founder & Owner until 2016
  • CrossZone - Functional Fitness - (today Zone.fit) - Founder & Owner until 2013


  • ÖSV Österreichischer Skiverband - External consultant for functional fitness
  • ÖSV Österreichischer Skiverband - Training of fitness trainers in the field of Olympic weightlifting
  • Austrian Armed Forces - Training Staff Advanced Training 2013-2016
  • BSPA Bundessportakademie Lecturer "Functional Strength Training and Mobility


  • Raiffeisen International
  • Austrian National Bank
  • Pension Insurance Institution
  • booking.com
  • etc.


  • Zuzana & Katarina Sopkova - Tennis
  • Stefanie Pichler - State Champion in Speed Climbing
  • Maximilian Entrup - Football - SKN St.Pölten
  • Aleksandar Rakic - MMA - UFC
  • Mairbek Taisumov - MMA - UFC
  • Nandor Guelmino - MMA - UFC
  • Ibo Aslan - MMA- UFC Contender
  • Gerald Turek - MMA - WFC
  • Eva Voraberger- World Champion in Boxing 
  • Mansur Elsaev - WBC Asian World Champion 
  • Fadi Merza - Multiple World Champion Thai Boxing
  • Foad Sadeghi - Multiple World Champion Thai Boxing
  • Henry Bannert - World Champion Thai Boxing 
  • Grigor Ashugbabyan - Thai boxing 
  • Sasa Jovanovic - Thai boxing 
  • Danube Dragons - Training junior players
  • Michael Haider - American Football - Vienna Vikings & National Team
  • Vienna Knights - American Football - Team support