GOOD SLEEP: Magic for your performance

It is probably the least noticed Theme in performance sports and in the development of a top-level high performance!

You just have to...

  1. you this webinar view
  2. clarify individual questions with us 
  3. Start with the implementation

We do it as always...


What exactly awaits YOU?

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Participation fee:

This fee includes the following...

  • the LIVE Webinar 
  • the Q&A session directly afterwards
  • additional 7 days access to the webinar 
  • Checklist "Sleep

Does not include other personal services such as individual training, programs, coaching, etc.

If you decide quickly and register and transfer within 48 hours, you will pay only 39€.

Please be sure that you have paid in time to secure your place! The Early Bird rate is only valid for 48 hours.


Registration is straightforward via this website or by e-mail.

If you want to participate, send an email to with the following content: 

  • Subject: "Participation LIVE Webinar Sleep" 
  • First name, last name and date of birth 

Important: Without your email address, we cannot send you the webinar link!

If you have any questions, just send us a message via the contact form or a mail to 

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Pit Hausemer