Performance optimization in soccer

Soccer is a unique sport, which requires a specific combination of physical prerequisites. Speed, agility & muscular balance are the basis for success on the playing field. 

A sensibly structured Strength & Conditioning Program is therefore enormously important, but is usually not enough on its own to be successful in the Soccer to perform optimally.

Fatigue & Injuries far too often stand in the way of players realizing their full potential.

In order to be able to deliver the best possible performance at a high level on a sustained basis, the following are required customized recovery strategies therefore essential.

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With simple means we create:

I turn performers into high performers:

Dejan Ljubicic,
1. FC Cologne

"Together with Richard, I work on the areas of nutrition and regeneration. My performance on the pitch benefits enormously from this."

RAF Camora,
Rapper & Producer

"In my line of work, you always have to give 100%. Working with Richard allows me to perform at an even higher level."

Aleksandar Rakic,
UFC fighter

"With the help of Richard's many years of mentoring, I've been able to fight my way to the top of the world in recent years."

I have accompanied more than 200 top athletes, associations and personalities in the past 10 years.

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What good sleep can do in competitive sports:

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Making success measurable. Laboratory diagnostics for performance management.

By determining relevant bio-markers, the training of the players can be optimally controlled, health problems can be detected at an early stage and success is made measurable.

These include:

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