This was the first Performance Day

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Richard Staudner

The Optimizer

On 24.09.2022 the first PERFORMANCE DAY took place at the Malu Sportsclub in Vienna. 

It was an information-packed and diverse workshop day!

  • 30 inquisitive participants
  • 7 hours workshop
  • 6 Focus on nutrition  
  • 6 practical works to deepen what you have learned 

We went through all 6 basic levels of sports nutrition and then looked at the body's energy production. 

How can we increase them with food, supps and an optimized lifestyle?

With case studies of athletes:inside and studies from soccer and martial arts, we went deep into practice and created a connection in everyday sports. 

The topic "Making energy measurable" rounded off the day. 

Soon we will move on to the next round, PERFORMANCE DAY 2, which will focus on regeneration with emphasis on sleep, cold therapy, massages, recovery measurement, training management and supplements. 


Richard Staudner

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