Forest bathing tour tip #5 Zagreb and the green horseshoe

Richard Staudner
Richard Staudner

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No one would think of the Croatian city of Zagreb when they think of forest bathing. But there is a reason why people also speak of the "green horseshoe". 

I spent almost the entire summer of 2020 in Zagreb. It was a pleasantly warm summer. But still it was even more pleasant to dive into the many green zones of Zagreb from time to time. 

Let me tell you a little about my three favorites. All three of these green oases, for themselves a wonderful unique, with many special features. 

The city was generally empty of people, many were at home seeking shelter from the sun. But most were drawn to the coast. There they spent the summer in their vacation homes or to work in tourism. This year, however, tourism was understandably weak. 

But now back to the topic at hand, my three forest swimming tips in the middle of the Croatian capital:

  1. Maksimir Park

A true jewel of a park. Whereby park is an understatement. With 316 hectares, Maksimir is more a forest than a park. 

The park is already about 250 years old and contains several lakes and monuments. 

Countless meadows invite you to lie, picnic and move. 

But most important for me: the park has a large area of forest, where you can also retreat a little. Meditating or simply bathing in the forest is no problem here. Within a large city, this is rare to find. 

The zoological garden is also located in Maksimir Park. Definitely worth a visit!

  1. Ribnjak Park 

My personal favorite in Zagreb. That, although it is a rather classically designed park, as you would expect in a big city. 

But the fact that I liked it so much and spent certainly five evenings there was mainly due to the fact that in summer you can find gastronomy stands and a small open air stage. 

An evening with friends thus ensures a good mood and lets you forget about work for a moment. 

You can no longer call it forest bathing, but with relaxing sounds in the headphones and the view of the greenery, definitely good for the soul. 

It is important to mention that the park is only a few minutes away from the center. 

  1. Botanical Garden Zagreb 

Finally, I would like to introduce you to the Botanical Garden, which is also not far from the center. 

The garden is more for lovers of landscaped gardens and quite manageable. 

A few benches hidden between trees also invite you to linger or meditate here. 

But forest bathing enthusiasts are probably best off in Maksimir Park.

I hope I could give you an idea for your next trip with my tips. Even if this does not go to Zagreb. 

I myself try to find a forest or park on every trip, even if it's to a city, where I can find some peace and relax. 

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Richard Staudner

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