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It is not possible for everyone to buy organic and regional. Even though these products have become cheaper and cheaper, many people still eat conventionally grown fruit and vegetables. That is not further bad. The quantity makes the poison. 

But the food definitely belongs to be cleaned decently before we eat it. 

And how you do that you will learn here in this post!

Before buying:

→ Buy regional & seasonal (Seasonal calendar z. e.g. from Global 2000) check

→ Buy organic products 

→ Annually check which supermarket chains "sell the cleanest vegetables" for example with Greenpeace or Global 2000.

→ Untreated does not mean pesticide-free, it only means that explicitly the shell was not treated.

→ Don't be driven crazy! The benefits of a high fruit and vegetable consumption definitely outweigh the potential harm from pesticides.

After purchase:

→ Wash fruits and vegetables properly with tap water and rub dry with a tea towel.

→ Better: sprinkle salt in a bowl of water and wash fruits and vegetables in it and also rub dry with a cloth.

→ Best: Sprinkle 10 g of baking soda into a bowl of water and wash fruits and vegetables in it, then rinse off the residue with fresh water. And (klaro) also rub dry with a cloth.

→ Please always remove the outer leaves of lettuce, this is where most residues are found.

→ Only peel off the skin in an emergency, because most of the healthy active ingredients are found directly under the skin. Of course, you should peel mangoes and avocados, otherwise they taste tough. But please wash your hands afterwards before you continue to process the flesh. Otherwise you will transfer the residues from the peel.  

→ If you want to use the peel of oranges or lemons, for example, please be sure to use organic produce. 

→ Potatoes marked with the term "treated after harvest" should be peeled in any case. 

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