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2020 sounded fantastic at the beginning of the year. Numerologists clapped their hands and predicted a strong year. 2020 brought many good intentions and the whole country was endlessly motivated.

Many of us were already eagerly implementing our resolutions - and then things turned out quite differently than expected. A virus paralyzed the entire world and even accompanied us into the year 2021. Our entire everyday life was turned upside down.

But let's not hang our heads and start again!

But we know from experience that New Year's resolutions can fizzle out like New Year's Eve fireworks after just a few weeks. Even without Corona!

It needs something stronger than just a new calendar year. Otherwise our name will end up in the Gym with the other car parts.


Every year we try something new. Lose weight, give up smoking, spend more time with family or reduce stress. These are the classic resolutions. Unfortunately, half of us don't succeed. But how can we break the spell?

Maybe we need to invest more time in planning our success. Just like managers and professional athletes do.

This brings us to my WWW of success!

WHAT do you want?

"Eat less!" A spontaneous flash of inspiration after the third champagne glass becomes a New Year's resolution. This has almost no power as a goal! Our brain is in constant battle with the inner pig dog and he only listens to concrete and tangible resolutions. He doesn't really understand "eat less"!

Here are two examples of weak targets:

  • Project 1: less food
  • Project 2: do more sports

And here are the same goals, just worded a little more strongly:

  • Project: "Bluejeans": I want to fit into my favorite pants again. I will reach my old comfortable weight by the end of June and lose 8 kg.
  • Project: "Fit on the mountain": By April, I want to be properly fit again. That's when I'll go hiking with friends every weekend. I'd like to be at the top of my game.

What does your goal look like? Write a few versions and then decide which goal formulation feels the strongest for you. Take your time!

HOW are you going to implement it?

Here again our two target:

  • Project "Bluejeans": I no longer buy sweets or drink sodas
  • Fit on the Mountain Project: I will go to the Gym go

And here again formulated a little stronger:

  • Project "Bluejeans": I immediately book a consultation for a change of diet with an expert. I want satisfying alternatives for sweets and sodas. I have already put out the jeans. It reminds me of my goal every morning and tames my inner pig.
  • Fit on the Mountain" project: The exercise bike is dusted off and I have already sent an e-mail to the personal trainer. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will become my fixed training days for strength and endurance. A photo of the last hiking tour at my desk reminds me of my goal every day.

What about your HOW? Have you formulated the implementation concretely?

The WHY is missing

Nietzsche said: "Who has a WHY in life, endures almost every HOW"!

And this is the crux of the matter. We don't think enough about the WHY. Why do we actually start this project? Why do we want to achieve our goal?

You have to sell your project to your inner pig dog.

Here again are our examples:

  • Project "Bluejeans": I look good in jeans
  • Project "Fit on the mountain": Puffing behind is embarrassing

Let's try a really strong WHY:

  • Project "Bluejeans": These jeans are not a simple piece of clothing. They are a symbol. I feel so comfortable in them that I have a completely different demeanor. I feel more confident, satisfied and proud.
  • Fit on the Mountain" project: I want to be a role model for others not only in everyday life, but also on the mountain. When I walk up the mountain with ease, I feel a joy and satisfaction inside me. Even my family and colleagues feel it for days after.

And now YOU:

  • Take a pen, a piece of paper and a coffee or tea
  • Write down the three WWW's → WHAT - HOW - WHY
  • WHAT do you want to achieve by when?
  • HOW should your implementation look like?
  • WHY do you want to achieve it?
  • And set a strong anchor. A photo, a drawing or something similar that will always remind you of your project.
  • Check your success weekly. Are you on track or maybe you need to adjust your WWW?

I wish you all a sporty and healthy year 2021!

Your Richard Staudner


Richard Staudner

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