Particularly demanding jobs require a particularly high performance level

As a police officer, you have a physically and mentally demanding job. And I can help you to reach your personal optimum!

In the police service you are confronted with many different stresses:

Unnatural sleep phases that disturb your biological rhythm

Extreme stress situations

Irregular food intake

Partially intesive physical load

Fluctuations of concentration and energy level

Mental stress

Makes you the Shift work to create?
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I turn performers into high performers:

Dejan Ljubicic,
1. FC Cologne

"Together with Richard, I work on the areas of nutrition and regeneration. My performance on the pitch benefits enormously from this."

Aleksandar Rakic,
UFC fighter

"With the help of Richard's many years of mentoring, I've been able to fight my way to the top of the world in recent years."

Admission candidate in special unit

"With Richard's concept, I felt I doubled my performance and was able to almost walk through the tough entrance exam!"

Cool-headed instead of burnout

A high level of physical and mental performance is key to long-term success in law enforcement!

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I bring you to a new performance level and help you to do your job in the police service with even more effectiveness and joy!

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