You still lack focus and energy to achieve your goals? To perform really strong in everyday life & at work? 
Then learn with me how to get your body and mind to your personal optimum and mentally program yourself for success. 
Don't wait any longer and take your destiny into your own hands! 

Success depends not only on motivation and discipline...

We live in exciting times and have every opportunity to realize ourselves and make the almost impossible, possible. 

What you can imagine, you can achieve! Body and mind can do much more than we realize. 

Don't let energy problems or lack of stamina throw you off your course for success. You can biohack yourself and program yourself for success.  

Ask yourself what is holding you back!

What do you want?

Do you want to reach your individual optimal performance level? Get more out of body and mind? ... but on a healthy path?

Then sign up for the OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE Mentorship on: 
The 12 week program for individual optimal performance!

Who are you?

  • Part 1: Set goals & also achieve them!
    - What's your battle plan?
    - What are your goals?

  • Part 2: Personality analysis
    - Learn more about your personality, understand what makes you tick and program yourself for success!
    - Recognize your strengths and find out where you still have potential 

Biohacking your body

  • Species-appropriate nutrition for superhuman performance
  • NeuroNutrition - Turn your brain into a supercomputer!
  • Food selection for optimal performance
  • Optimize meal frequency and timing
  • Boosters, superfoods and power drinks?

It's all about Energy!

  • How to optimize your biological energy production
  • Good by spring fatigue and afternoon slump
  • A lifestyle your cellular power plants will love
  • Vital substances for optimal energy output in your cells

Being sick is a waste of time

  • How does your immune system work?
  • Build a defense system that can withstand all attacks
  • Protect your body from cell aging and diseases
  • 100 but will Fit

In the calm lies the power!

  • Learn which recovery measures boost your performance
  • Bring your sleep to the optimum
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Become physically unimagined performance
  • Learn how to calm down quickly
  • Mindfulness and meditation maybe your game changer?

The final

  • deep learning - deep working - deep living
  • Implement but sustainably
  • Optimize your daily routines
  • How do you create new habits, but Bulletproof
  • Finally become productive

Go deep! Personal 90 minutes 1-to-1 video calls 

In each workshop, development goals are set and tasks are agreed upon. You will receive tools to facilitate the implementation. 

Then, we go in-depth in personal 90-minute 1-to-1 video calls, clearing away all obstacles.

We create a battle plan that enables you to reach your PEAK PERFORMANCE goal.

Optimum? Why not the maximum?

Your mental, spiritual and physical health should benefit from this program and not be harmed.

I want to bring you to your personal optimum, to the FLOW state. Where everything goes easily from your hand and you have joy in your work and your tasks. 

Maximizing everything means driving at a pace that makes you sick and unhappy. 

Setbacks are ok, but they must motivate us to go a different and better way. 

You can follow the path of your individual optimum for a whole life and be healthy and happy.

Prices and booking:

Total cost for the 12 week course including all workshops, one-on-one meetings and underpinning.

Secure your place now! 
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Let's get you in the FLOW state and on the road to success!


I will not just present slide by slide and transport information! This will not achieve any great changes in you. 
I want to facilitate deep learning and give you the opportunities to move from theory to practice. You should learn to use all the tools and make a noticeable improvement.


The course is limited to a maximum of 10 places in order to guarantee high quality and individual attention.  

Motivation Check:

My guarantee: 
  • All workshops and talks are conducted by me personally and not by a staff member or similar
  • You will receive a handout or eBook for each workshop with all the topics we went through (and more!)
  • We don't scratch the surface, but dive deep into the matter. Our goal? Generating implementation power! 


  • Workshop 1: 06.09.2022 18:30 - 20:00h
  • Workshop 2: 20.09.2022 18:30 - 20:00h
  • Workshop 3: 04.10.2022 18:30 - 20:00h
  • Workshop 4: 18.10.2022 18:30 - 20:00h
  • Workshop 5: 08.11.2022 18:30 - 20:00h
  • Workshop 6: 22.11.2022 18:30 - 20:00h

The personal 1-to-1 video calls should ideally be held within two weeks of each workshop. The dates for these will be arranged individually.


What if I miss a workshop? 
If you cannot be present at a workshop part, please let me know when you register or later on. We will find a solution.

Can I pay the workshop fee in installments? 
Yes, we offer this service here: