glycin aminosäure als supplement
Food supplements

Glycine - Fit & Young for little money?

The favorable amino acid glycine was previously used in the supplement industry to "stretch" products. This put it in a bad light. The latest research shows, however, glycine


Nutrition around training

Only in a sober state you can lose fat in training and when you have done the last exercise, you must immediately drink a complex shake to build muscles


Alcohol - An eight-pint in honor?

Alcohol has been an integral part of our culture and many others for centuries. Whether at festivities, religious ceremonies, events or for personal enjoyment, alcohol is


Nutrients in the past and today

"There's nothing left in vegetables these days," or "Our fruit used to have a lot more nutrients" are statements you'll come across again and again. The consensus


How to make 2021 your year

2020 sounded fantastic at the beginning of the year. Numerologists clapped their hands and predicted a strong year. 2020 brought many good intentions


Do superfoods really exist?

The promises are big! Performance enhancement, cancer protection and of course a long life. This and much more is promised to us by goji berries, chia seeds and various roots from distant

Food supplements

Power through vitamin D

It is now on everyone's lips, vitamin D, also called sun vitamin. And that's a good thing! Because your body needs this true power vitamin nearly

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